So, you want to build the best website for your company? Don’t forget these 5 critical steps.

IGNITE® Digital Agency - 07 December 2018

How will this free eBook help me?

Whether you are a CMO, Marketing & Communications Manager, the CEO of your own company or simply interested in learning more about how to build successful websites, we’re here to give you a few tips on how to make your dream website project become a reality. An effective website will not only look great, but will help you achieve your business’s goals.

These five steps will not only help your next project run seamlessly, but they will also help you avoid complete disasters (like a website crash or inevitably expensive rebuild).

This free eBook takes you through the entire process, from the critical first stage of ensuring you select the correct platform, through to ensuring you get the SEO basics right.

Added bonuses

As an added bonus we have included 28 links to incredibly useful online tools that we use on a daily basis to help with everything from design inspiration, typography selection, browser tools and site optimisation to help you with your initial research and strategy.

As a further bonus, we have included our user testing checklist, as well as our prelaunch, and postlaunch checklists, that we have refined over years to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. These will help you to ensure your website project is covering all bases.

I want it! Gimme Gimme!

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