IGNITE appoints Sammie Margetson as Digital Account Manager

IGNITE® Digital Agency - 23 June 2022


Tell us about what you’ve done in the past, and what you’re doing now at IGNITE.

I started my professional career in the pharmaceutical industry and science communication after studying Chemistry. I decided to pursue a different path, as I’ve always been interested in all things’ tech,’ and began studying software development and computer science. In the past I’ve worked in Client Solutions and Operational Excellence across the pharmaceutical industry. 

How did you know IGNITE was the right fit for you?

IGNITE focuses on staying current and up to date with everything design and marketing. They are a company that is exceptionally forward-focused on trends in the industry and supporting their team for what comes ahead with upskilling and personal development, So its a great fit for me

What excites you?

Nothing excites me more than a good problem to solve! My interests in science naturally led me to become interested in technology for its nature of tricky issues and ‘aha’ moments that allow me to find my flow state. This is an essential part of my role as a Digital Account Manager.

Where do you see the digital space heading over the coming couple of years? What trends are you seeing? What would you like to see?

I think accessibility is rightfully making its way into the online space. Legible fonts, audio descriptions/articles and clear controls are starting to be prioritised to make the user experience better for every user group. A good-looking site is important, but that shouldn’t come at the cost of limiting visitors because the site is painful to navigate and can’t be reached on multiple platforms. 

With the rise of podcasting, in particular, audio elements on sites are becoming popular for mobile users who might want to access the site ‘on the go’ and listen to articles and the news as they navigate through their day. 

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