Why great copy is critically important for your website

IGNITE® Digital Agency - 03 April 2018

Of all the things that come together to create a successful website, great copywriting is an absolute must. Design and usability are a huge part of what makes websites work, but the content is the cornerstone of any successful site. Let’s put it this way, looks aren’t everything! The key to seducing your user is awesome design with a fabulous personality to go with it. What can quality copywriting do for your project? Well, let’s count the ways:

1. Great copywriting gives your brand a personality.

If you like the idea of a loyal audience that become real-life, passionate advocates for your brand, then your tone of voice is a really important part of communicating with your user. Your followers and users want you to feel like you’re talking directly to them and meeting their needs. A distinct tone of voice that is consistent in language and style is essential and should match your brand’s identity.

2. Great copywriting sells.

Successful copy creates value for the reader by entertaining while also communicating a message. It’s what separates you from your competitors and often even one or two lines can make a difference to someone considering a few options. Content writers will write to suit different mediums, whether it’s to shine a spotlight on your product in the website’s ‘About’ section or to present a razor-sharp summary in a Google Adwords Ad.

3. Great copywriting is written by people.

While it’s 2018 and we have spelling and grammar checkers to give us handy help with the way we write, using software still can’t replace a human. An experienced copywriter knows how to distinguish between plain copy, storytelling copy and conversational copy: an essential definition to make for any project (with your user in mind). Are you trying to clearly, concisely state what the facts and features of a product are, without superlative claims? Or are you trying to create a story around your product to give your brand a bit of magic “oomph”? Experienced copywriters take all of this into account whilst executing best practices and writing with impeccable spelling and grammar. While perfect writing has rules, it’s up to your copywriter to decide when and if, they need to be broken.

4. Great copywriting is essential for SEO.

Great copy is an absolute necessity if you want your website to rank highly in search engines. It’s true, Google still cares about the number of backlinks and how many times you mention keywords, but high-quality, well-written content is what’s rewarded. Any article or page spammed with links and unnatural writing is just going to scare users away. Engaging copy is what will win you steps up the SEO ladder, as Google now rewards websites with the ability to keep users onsite and compel them to interact with a call-to-action.

5. Bad copywriting can be detrimental.

In the same way that great copy has endless benefits, bad copy has the potential to do irreparable damage to the ‘look’ of your business. Reading bad copy is painful and projects the message that your organisation has a low attention to detail in regards to quality. Not a good look!


Although anyone can pull a few sentences together to get their basic message across, professional copywriting requires experience and talent, and is a must to give your content credibility – and to make sure that all your other hard work doesn’t go to waste!

To ensure that you are providing your customers with the highest quality web content, remember to include copywriting services in the budget of your next project.




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