5 Reasons You Need Better Copywriting

IGNITE® Digital Agency - 14 October 2022

Of all the things that come together to create a successful website, great copywriting is an absolute must. Design and usability are a huge part of what makes websites work, but the content is the cornerstone of any successful site. Let’s put it this way, looks aren’t everything! The key to seducing your user is awesome design with a fabulous personality to go with it. What can quality copywriting do for your project? Well, let’s count the ways:


The content you post to your website will become the voice of your brand. If you want an audience that will advocate for you, you need to deliver a brand personality worth being passionate about. Your followers and users want you to feel like you’re talking directly to them and meeting their needs. A distinct tone of voice that is consistent in language and style is essential and should match your brand’s identity.

2. Great copywriting sells.

Successful copy is the meeting point between content that informs, and content that entertains. It’s the element that separates you from your closest competitor. The inclusion of one or two lines of text could be the deciding factor in making a conversion. Content writers have the ability to write accurately to suit any medium. They can fluff the perfect description of a product, or whittle down a sharp summary for a Google Search Ad.


While intuitive writing and grammar software is developing – computers are still unable to match the flair and range of human writing. An experienced copywriter knows how to switch between direct, emotional and conversational copy. All of this, on cue, with the needs of that particular piece of content. The wrong tone can alienate readers, and even reduce credibility. 

Are you trying to deliver unbiased facts to create trust? Or are you trying to create some fun around your products? The right choice of tone will impact in how you are received. While machines follow rules, a great copywriter will create and break them.


Great copy isn’t just great for reading, it’s essential for ranking your website higher in search engines. Google ranking has changed, no longer are keywords and backlinks the major swayers. The new system favours engaging copy that can improve and engage users. Content is king – well written, quality content that is.


Just as great copy has endless benefits, bad copy has detriments. In this fast paced digital world, engaging readers is a privilege. If they need to slog through painfully written prose to reach the information they need, the offence feels personal. Bad copy reflects badly on the organisation and insinuates a lack of attention to detail.

Most of us are capable of writing a basic paragraph, but real copywriting is something that takes time and dedication to perfect. The investment of a great writer is the optimal way to give your work credibility, so, copywriting services should always be factored into a project budget. No one wants to unravel all of their hard work to an unfortunate typo!

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