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The AFL Players’ Association is a key stakeholder in the AFL industry and serves as the representative body for male, female and past player members. Under the belief that players deserve to continue to have their voices heard throughout their careers and long after as AFL alumni, the Association advocates for its members and the broader community by delivering Mental Health support, negotiating and enforcing the Collective Bargaining Agreement, running support programs for past players and serving as advocates for issues that impact their members.

“IGNITE continues to provide outstanding customer service while delivering quality work. They took the time to understand our specific needs and worked with us to ensure our objectives were met. They are the teammates you want by your side when delivering a new website, which can be a daunting task.”

Adam Baldwin , Head of Communications at AFL Players Association
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The brief for this project was based around solving a key problem: the AFLPA have a large number of varied users to communicate and cater to, each with their own specific needs. The new website needed to incorporate all of the content targeted to each of the user types. The initial user groups in the brief were current players, past players, emerging players, clubs, agents, fans and player representatives. The new website also needed to include a user-friendly resources library, a way to list and organise player programs which each fell under a key pillar for their Support section, and ensure that all users visiting the site would be able to easily see and understand what AFLPA do as an organisation.


After a prioritisation exercise and learning more about the needs of the AFLPA’s audience, we were able to recategorise the user groups into Players, Industry and Community, creating three buckets for all of the varied content to fall into that needed to be on the website. The goal of communicating what AFLPA do was achieved by creating an overarching navigation which allowed all users, at all times, to access the key company pages. Making sure that each user group could easily find what they needed was achieved by developing a split navigation between the three user groups of Players, Industry and Community as well as adding a user self-selection tool to the homepage above the fold allowing new users to select their group and desired content area in a conditional form. Custom post types were created for the Resources library, Partners, Publications, and Player Programs to ensure ease of use and management from a content editor’s perspective. The result was a comprehensive website which is aimed at both fans and the player community, serving as a hub for the Association’s stakeholders.