Australian Learning Lecture



The Australian Learning Lecture is a ten-year initiative to transform education through big ideas.

Addressing problems in the industry like student disengagement and inequity, they work to give students the best possible learning and confidence for their future.

Australian Learning Lecture



“The website is superb, in its clarity, style and structure. Thank you so much. We look forward to making many people aware of its resources and messages. Please thank the whole IGNITE team.”

Ellen Koshland , Founder & Director @ ALL
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The Australian Learning Lecture required a new website that would accurately communicate its innovative approach to the education industry. This put an emphasis on the need for a content audit and a strategy for how we could help them present their message on the site.

The new website needed to be functional and informative, with a visual facelift to bring the website design more in line with their message. The website was to include content on their transformative approach to the industry, tools for learning strategies, and a blog for news and events to communicate to their various audience groups.


The goal of the website was to provide a platform for ALL to share their message and resources for years to come, and to reflect their renewed brand identity.

ALL have been able to easily maintain and update the website, which was a key requirement for the project.

Site traffic and engagement has recently seen exponential growth due to a digital marketing campaign led by IGNITE’s internal Digital Marketing team.