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Putting the sparkle into Melbourne’s water scene.

CAPI is a Melbourne-born brand that produces a range of sparkling fruit sodas and mixers which are the perfect refreshment on their own, or accompaniment to any quality spirit.

CAPI’s premium drinks are sourced and blended from only the best natural ingredients, do not contain any preservatives and are 100% Australian-owned.

Celebrating everything about life in Australia, CAPI’s award-winning water comes from just 50 minutes outside of Melbourne.

CAPI Website


Food industry


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“Working with the team at Ignite has been an absolute pleasure. They were very accommodating to our requests no matter how big or small.”

Jordyn Evans , Marketing Manager at CAPI Sparkling
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CAPI had established a fresher, more contemporary visual identity on its popular Instagram page and felt its existing website no longer aligned with its brand. The former site was very dark, heavy and difficult to navigate. The redevelopment was to have a strong focus on usability and improved navigation, as well as a clean and uplifting design.


  • Drive brand awareness and educate consumers about the CAPI brand
  • Aesthetic consistency with other online platforms, particularly Instagram
  • Create engaging content that inspires users to invest in the brand and prompts them to purchase CAPI