Gippsland Renewable Energy Zone (G-REZ) Website


AusNet is creating Victoria’s first Renewable Energy Zone project in Victoria

AusNet is leading the Renewable Energy Front for Victoria with G-REZ – a Gippsland-based energy development that will seamlessly connect renewable energy sources into the Victorian Grid. In coordinating multiple energy projects in this region via shared infrastructure; the environmental, cultural and community impact will be kept to a minimum. This project spells the future for delivering affordable, clean and reliable energy, as well as converting jobs as we retire coal-fired power stations.

Gippsland Renewable Energy Zone (G-REZ) Website



“The IGNITE team did a terrific job. They understood our target audience and knew how to tailor the website to communicate to this demographic effectively. Their ability to incorporate interactivity within the website was exceptional, as well as their responsiveness to any changes or issues we had. They also worked hard to integrate the website with our organisation’s existing platforms and software. Their support and training is also exceptional, with the team providing several training videos covering how to make changes and add content to the website. This ensured staff were proficient and confident in making changes to the website. We’ve had really positive feedback from stakeholders on the website which is a testament to IGNITE’s capability and competence in developing websites.”

Brett Millsom , Stakeholder and Communications Lead
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The Gippsland Renewable Energy Zone enlisted IGNITE for the development of a website as they neared the end of their ‘Discovery Phase’. AusNet Services briefed the team on a vibrant new site that could inform local communities of the purpose and importance of the project. The design would have an emphasis on user-friendly + interactive features that would make visitors feel informed and included, for the mutual success of the venture.


The key goals of this project were:

  • To create awareness of, and confidence in, the Renewable Energy Project’s regional and state-wide benefits.
  • To provide a reliable source of information and project updates for the community.
  • To serve as a platform for the local community to engage, share their insights and voice their opinions.