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Energy industry


There have never been more options for how we use electricity, water, gas and transport. Mondo helps businesses and communities make sense of what’s possible, then plan and deliver solutions to keep everyone ahead of the rapidly changing landscape.

From connecting Australia’s renewables to the grid, to helping maintain water and gas networks or assisting regional communities achieve their energy goals, Mondo improves the way things flow today, then seeks ways to do this even better tomorrow.

Mondo Website


Energy industry


  • Brands to Life

“Exceptional expertise, professionalism, and work ethic. All our interactions with the IGNITE team, from initial pitch, to project delivery were of the highest calibre. Thanks again Igniters!”

Rob Asselman , Senior Marketing Manager at Mondo
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Mondo was a new brand to be launched in the energy market. It comprises AusNet Services’ (ASX:AST) diverse offerings in the commercial sector. Of Mondo’s many touch points, digital is a critical cornerstone comprising one third of the business’s communication with customers.

Mondo came to us with the complex problem of delivering a website to tie in with a new brand visual language created by Brands to Life, with the ultimate goal of uniting all of AusNet Services’ commercial entities: Mondo Power, Select Solutions and Geomatic Technologies.

The primary user experience challenge being that the site was to cater to a diverse audience in each of the Infrastructure, Business and Community business divisions, in a way that clearly communicates to all customer groups. With an ambitious and critical deadline, many moving parts, and several key groups and stakeholders, a smooth delivery was critical.


The first step of our approach was a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), where we worked with Mondo to prioritise the components of the project which are critical and particularly time-sensitive to the success of the project.

Following this, the second step of our process will be to build upon the functionality in the MVP, informed by thorough research and data analysis of the new, live site.