Service Listing


The following is an outline of the full range of services that we offer at Ignite Online.

Research & Strategy

Stakeholder Workshop

Discovery workshop with Ignite Online’s team of senior developers, UX/UI designers, digital marketers and project managers.

User Surveys

Surveys conducted with a sample of internal staff and/or external customers in order to gain insights to inform the website functionality, design and user journeys.

Competitor Analysis

Thorough competitor and industry research to inform our approach.

User Personas

User personas are fictional representations of your ideal customer. Our investigations of your target audiences will incorporate their needs, goals and observed behaviour patterns. Understanding the needs of your users is vital to developing a successful digital strategy for efficiently communicating to them.

User Journeys

Creation and definition of various user journeys for each user persona – taking a methodical and user-guided approach to the web design functionality. To also be utilised for the user testing process.

User Interface & Design Exploration

Compilation of our ideas, design references and relevant websites and functionality that may inform our approach, as well as investigation of all technical specifications pertaining to the project requirements.



Sitemaps are a hierarchical diagram showing the structure of the website (can also be represented in bullet point list form). They are an important step of the user-centred process as they ensure content is in places users would expect to find it.

Mood Boards & Inspiration

Inspiration collation and the formulation of mood boards, to support our ideation process and enable us to visually represent our concepts.


Wireframes illustrate and test informational hierarchy, feature functions and conversion optimisation. The skeletal framework is to be shared in the early stages of design, to iron out the structural elements of the website before entering the interface design stage.


Functional prototypes created and tested on various devices using third party user testing services as well as our collaborative cloud-based design tool.

Custom UX/UI Design

Combination of User Interface Design (UI) and User Experience Design (UX) for not only an effective look and feel to your website, but also the optimal structure of elements to ensure that it is easy and enjoyable to use.


Content Recommendations

Identification of what ‘problems’ your target audiences are looking to solve (by referencing historical search engine data), so that you may reverse-engineer content for search.

Copywriting, Proofreading & Editing

Effective and persuasive copywriting in order to reach your target consumers. We can generate new content for your website in consultation with your staff or proofread and refine existing copy.

Image Optimisation

Optimisation of all images for web, which means ensuring they are the correct file type, dimensions and file size for optimal visual appearance and load speed.

Content Upload

Population of all copy, imagery, downloadable resources on the website’s CMS.

Keyword Optimisation

Your website will be developed in accordance with known ‘ranking factor’ best practices, including appropriate website architecture and HTML structure. The CMS will feature easily editable Page SEO Settings for Page Title, Page Description, Custom Social Image URL, etc.


WordPress CMS

Latest version of WordPress – one of the most powerful and flexible CMSs available. WordPress is not only the most popular open-source system, but also the most user-friendly – our clients find it extremely easy to add and edit content.

Includes the following standard features: online forms, site search, blog, downloadable PDFs, media library and video embedding compatibility.

Craft CMS

Craft CMS is a Content Management System alternative to WordPress which offers development-oriented publishing, resulting in a high amount of control for custom functionality, powerful performance and flexible tools. It is a highly scalable CMS solution for projects that require a specific experience for the user, and have multi-layered, inter-related content.

Custom Development

Custom in-house development utilising PHP, HTML & Javascript coding. We use WordPress, Laravel, Vue.js, SASS, Webpack and Node.js, in line with industry best practice.

Testing & Optimisation

We have secondary (staging) web servers to work on during development, that allow for us to test our code in a secure online environment. This allows us to test, and you to review development work at various stages before launch date for approval.

Bug Fixes

User interface and functionality bug identification, tracking and elimination. This will occur from the commencement of development through to post-launch.

Third Party Integrations

Relevant third party integrations as outlined which could include those that support online payment, CRM systems, email marketing, forms integration, Google Maps as well as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube social media integrations.

301 Page Redirects

Setup of all 301 page redirects to prevent the risk of broken links after launch.


Accessibility Testing

All code and functionality to conform to industry standard WCAG 2.0 A, and/or AA, AAA guidelines available at

Device Testing

Fully responsive website compatible with all modern devices including mobile, tablet and desktop.

Browser Testing

iOS / Android / Windows friendly. Minimum requirements to view your website include Google Chrome 20+ / Internet Explorer 10+ / Mozilla Firefox 10+ / Safari 5+ and a screen resolution of 1280×1024 or higher.

Code Validation

Code validation is the process of checking that the coding of a web page is in compliance with the standards and recommendations set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for the web. Code validation helps to produce clean code.

User Testing

User testing help us understand how to improve your website’s user experience and performance/conversion rates. The various tools we use can capture critical user insights via screen recordings, audio responses and written feedback from your target market.

Project Management

Dedicated Project Manager

Our responsive and proactive project management services ensure not only consistency in the work that we produce, but clarity in whom you can turn to with questions and requests pertaining to your project.

Project Management Tools

The addition of relevant stakeholders to our own internal project management software including Slack, Figma and Asana, to facilitate open and transparent communication.

Weekly Project Updates

Project status updates via weekly phone or email correspondence
(as per your preference).


144 Point Pre-Launch Checklist

Our internal checklist that includes a comprehensive list of checkpoints that methodically cover pre-launch considerations regarding: content, SEO & analytics, social, markup, accessibility, rendering, functionality, optimisation, security and server.

Google My Business, Maps & Search Console

Google My Business listing refinements, Google Maps check and Google Search Console optimisation.

Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

Configuring Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to facilitate the detailed reporting required to measure the site’s success.

Training Session

On-site training conducted to demonstrate site editing functionality and CMS capabilities with all relevant stakeholders.

Training Video

Supply of instructional videos to help guide you through the back-end of your new website, which include an overview of your site’s setup, demonstrations of how to upload content and discussion of best practices for managing your CMS.

After-Hours Website Launch

The website launch will take place after business hours, to facilitate a smooth transition from the existing site to the new site. Our entire team will be on-call for immediate service for the 12 hours following website launch in the unlikely event of any complications.


82 Point Post-Launch Checklist

Our internal checklist that includes a comprehensive list of checkpoints that methodically cover post-launch considerations regarding: content, SEO & analytics, optimisation and reporting.

Post-Launch Review

Evaluation of whether the project objectives were met, in order to determine how effectively the project was run and identify any outstanding issues.

Website Hosting

Crucial Hosting

Australian website hosting with Crucial including standard shared server configuration, maintenance, support plus server and data usage. The Crucial infrastructure is hosted locally in Sydney and suitable for small business looking for fast speed and standard reliability.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Hosting

Australian website hosting with AWS – a more complicated setup including your own dedicated server, maintenance, support, plus server and data usage. The AWS infrastructure is hosted locally in Sydney and suitable for any business looking for superior hosting – faster speed, flexible scalability, improved performance – but most importantly, extended reliability (99.95% guaranteed uptime).

Our recommended configurations typically include:

  • AWS single server hosting to ensure the superior reliability of AWS, whereby in the event of a server crash, a new server gets rebuilt and kicks in (typically this takes about 4 minutes of downtime).
  • AWS double (mirror) server hosting with load balancer to reduce any downtime to seconds in the event of an outage – if one server crashes, a second instantly kicks in.

Domain Management

We are domain registrars and manage our client’s domains if required. We ensure domain names are renewed to avoid accidental expiration and downtime, manage DNS updates and provide support.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates allow for secure connections from a web server to a browser. When activated, they display the ‘green padlock’ in your browser address bar, signalling trust and instilling confidence in your website audience. SSL security is also a known Google ranking factor.

Server Monitoring & Issue Response

Pingdom Server monitoring with instant text message notifications to our support team for immediate issue response.

Website Upgrades & Maintenance

CMS Security & Version Updates

Official CMS security and version updates every month to ensure your site remains secure from hacking or malware and to minimise any potential data loss risk.

Website Backups

Real-time off-site backups of your site with automated restores, full backup archive, security scanning and spam protection, to further reduce any risk of data loss, and to minimise any impact in the event of an outage.

Website Audit

The routine review of your website including site speed, (broken) links, bounce rate, navigation, image size, content accuracy, etc. and the urgent notification and rectification of any issues.

Website Upgrades & Improvements

Proactive recommendations of upgrades and improvements to your website. Prioritised task list (compiled in consultation with you) to be worked through by our team each month.

Priority Support

Immediate assistance from Ignite Online’s team of digital strategists & senior developers, whenever you should require help.


Google My Business & Maps Management

Updates and enhancements to your local listing, including the sharing of photos and posts relevant to your campaigns, as well as the monitoring of your reviews and business information.

Keyword Research

Utilisation of Google Keyword Planner to understand the relevance and reach of your targeted keywords, as well as identify any new organic (or paid) opportunities.

SERP Competitor Analysis

Thorough competitor and industry search engine results page (SERP) research to inform our approach.

Keyword Audit

The review of your key landing page(s) for identified keywords and phrases, while ensuring Google’s best practices are followed.

Technical Improvements

Consideration of the on-page user experience including quality of content, imagery, CTAs and internal links, as well as page structure – title, description, image alt tags, etc. and the implementation of recommended improvements.

SEMRush Ranking Tracking & Reporting

The monitoring and notification of fluctuations in organic search engine results page (SERP) positioning for your targeted keywords and phrases.

Digital Marketing

Campaign Research & Strategy

Identification of the goals of your campaign(s) and the actions that must be taken to realise those goals (via campaign KPIs). Establishment of the most appropriate campaign objectives, settings and account structure for each channel.

Social Media Guidelines & Content Strategy

Guidelines including channel overview, target audiences, tone of voice, frequency, monitoring, processes, team roles & responsibilities, plus a 12-month campaign calendar featuring suggested content.

Competitor & Reputation Analysis

In-depth, multi-channel analysis of your business and your major competitors including online review platforms (e.g. Google), social media and websites.

Campaign Creative

Design (and animation where applicable) of all campaign creative in accordance with each digital advertising channel’s ad specifications and your brand guidelines, to capture audience interest and motivate action. Generation of engaging and persuasive ad copy optimised for your targeted keywords and phrases.

Campaign Management & Optimisation

Day-to-day monitoring of ad performance including campaign structure, bidding strategy, location & audience targeting, ad scheduling and campaign updates. Experimentation and testing to maximise campaign performance.

Campaign A/B Testing

Split testing of campaign concepts, to bring scientific methodology to our strategy (remove the guesswork) and inform our subsequent decisions.

Google Display Network Awareness Campaign

Increase leads or promote awareness of your brand with static or animated banner ads on Google and its +2 million partner websites and mobile apps. Reach specific people via audience targeting (demographics, affinity & in-market audiences) or keywords & topics.

Google Display Network Remarketing Campaign

Increase leads or promote awareness of your brand with static or animated banner ads on Google and its +2 million partner websites and mobile apps. Connect with people who have previously interacted with your website or upload your customer data to target more specifically.

Google Search Campaign

Ensure that your customers notice your brand, consider your offerings and take action. Search ads appear in Google’s search results when people search for products or services that you offer, enabling you to reach the right person at the right time.

Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

Single Image, Single Video, Carousel, Slideshow or full-screen Canvas ads on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger to collect lead information, such as email addresses, from people interested in your business or an event. Audience targeting via location, demographics and interests.

Facebook Remarketing Campaign

Single Image, Single Video, Carousel, Slideshow or full-screen Canvas ads on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger to show people ads for things that they’ve shown interest in on your website. Alternatively, connect via data from lists (such as phone numbers or email addresses).

Facebook Boosted Posts

Boosted organic posts on Facebook or Instagram as standard Single Image, Single Video, Carousel or Slideshow ads to ensure your updates are shown to your desired audiences and to help grow your page audience.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Campaign

Sponsored Content to run native ads in the LinkedIn news feed across desktop and mobile and/or Sponsored InMail to send personalised messages to prospects. Note: Sponsored InMail is only delivered when members are active on LinkedIn.

Content Marketing

Lead generation and lead nurturing strategies to advance potential customers down the path to conversion.

Ad Spend

Google Ads

With Google Ads, you choose a daily budget for each campaign based on your advertising goals and the general amount that you’re comfortable spending each day.

Facebook Ads

With Facebook Ads, you choose a daily budget for each campaign or a lifetime budget for the amount you’re willing to spend over the entire run-time of your campaign.

LinkedIn Ads

With LinkedIn Ads, choose from CPC or CPM pricing (or only pay when your message is delivered with Sponsored InMail). It is possible to start with any budget, bid and schedule.

Ad Spend Pricing Options

Ad spend is the amount paid to Google/Facebook/LinkedIn for actually buying the ad space on their networks. You can get started with as little as $10 per day, and scale as needed. For example, if $40 per day is decided as your ad spend budget, to work out your monthly budget, you’d multiply $40 by 30.4 resulting in a monthly budget of $1,216. This amount would then be paid via credit card direct to Google/Facebook/LinkedIn each month on top of our management fee.

Sales CRM


We are HubSpot Partners. For explanations of HubSpot’s full range of services, please refer to HubSpot’s website.


Google Analytics

Advanced configuration of Google Analytics to track and report on your website traffic including audiences, acquisition, behaviour (events) and conversions (goals & smart goals).

Google Tag Manager

Advanced configuration of Google’s tag management system enabling the set up of tracking tags, establishment of triggers and creation of variables to measure behaviour and conversions on your website. Integration with Google Analytics to further enhance our reporting.


Heatmaps help us understand how to improve your website’s user experience and performance/conversion rates. Our tool enables us to uncover what users want, care about and do by visually representing their clicks, taps and scrolling behaviour.

Session Recording

Session replays help us understand how to improve your website’s user experience and performance/conversion rates. The tool records and reproduces real user experiences on your site and filters the sessions by source, user attributes, engagement and frustrations.

Google Ads Reporting

Advanced configuration of your Google Ads account and Google Ads remarketing tag to facilitate the event tracking required to measure the success of your campaigns.

Facebook Ads Reporting

Advanced configuration of your Facebook Ads Manager account and Facebook pixel to facilitate the event tracking required to measure the success of your campaigns.

LinkedIn Ads Reporting

Advanced configuration of your LinkedIn Campaign Manager account and LinkedIn pixel to facilitate the event tracking required to measure the success of your campaigns.

Monthly Google Data Studio Report

Google Data Studio report detailing Google Ads/Facebook/LinkedIn performance metrics, micro & macro conversions, but most importantly – return on investment. The monthly reporting includes not only your website’s data and statistics, but our key insights and recommendations.

Campaign Updates

Campaign status updates via phone, video or email correspondence (as per your preference).

Website Consulting

Informed by the data gathered using our analytics tools and our expertise designing custom websites with a focus on user experience, we can provide our recommendations for feature upgrades and improvements to your website. We can also be on hand to answer your questions and suggest best practice solutions.