Custom WordPress Websites

We have years of experience in delivering heavily modified WordPress CMS website solutions. We love WordPress because it is the most powerful & flexible CMS available, that is not only great to work with, but it’s extremely easy for clients to add and edit content and images after launch.

There’s a good reason why WordPress powers 26.4% of the entire web, with many of the world’s biggest websites relying on it.

No license fees

WordPress powers global sites including The New York Times, People Magazine, National Geographic, Forbes and more.

Open source means free & open. WordPress has no ongoing licensing fees, don’t get trapped with a CMS that holds your content hostage and costs you a fortune.

We are strong supporters of open-source software, and against substandard proprietary software that is not open and often exists to trap clients into a providers ‘ecosystem’. Our sites are open and any developer can work on them.

Fully manageable

Easily update your site content as frequently as you like. If you can edit a Word document, you can manage WordPress. No wonder it’s the world’s most popular CMS.

Grow with your business

As your business grows, your website requirements change. Starting out with WordPress ensures your site is based on a flexible platform, allowing for easy upgrades in the future.


WordPress is extremely secure if used with minimal use of 3rd party plugins, and updates are installed as released. Often WordPress sites can be hacked if left to go out of date, with old and vulnerable code. WordPress is no more vulnerable than any software that is left to deteriorate. We mainain and update all of our clients websites to ensure they are secure and running at their optimum level.