Domain Names

There are many things to consider when selecting your primary domain name, such as character length, your audience, SEO benefit, competition, .com, or both, securing international domains such as to avoid competitors claiming them. Not selecting an appropriate domain can severely affect how you are perceived by not only your customers, but also Google. We’ll ensure you buy the right domain names for your business!

We can register any new domain name for you including .com,, .net, .org and the rest. We can also transfer an existing domain name you may have previously purchased elsewhere at no charge. If your site is hosted with us, it makes sense to keep the domain name under the same roof. The less billers you have to deal with, the better!

There are many companies out there that charge excessive amounts for domain names, so be sure to check out our pricing below—there’s a good chance you’ll save money in doing so.

We can also combine a domain name, hosting and website design package to suit your needs. Join the vast majority of our clients and leave it up to Ignite to look after your domain name portfolio.

Choosing the right domain name is an important consideration and is a critical part your website infrastructure.