Google Adwords Management (Now Google Ads)


We strongly suggest that all businesses supplement their organic traffic with a PPC (Pay Per Click) Google campaign. A Google Ads Campaign is one of the fastest methods for your company to begin generating revenue online and to attain a positive ROI from your marketing spend.

Google receives around 65,000 searches per second. Approximately 95% of searches result in the user visiting a site on the first page of the search results. Users with high purchase intent are more likely to click on PPC ads and do so around 65% of the time.

Recent changes to Google search results pages mean that Google Ads are more prominent than ever. The top three to four search results are generally Google Ads, and on some devices, users might need to scroll down to begin seeing any organic listings.

All this means it’s now more important than ever to have an effective Google Ads marketing strategy. Without it, you’re missing out on significant business opportunities (that your competitors might be taking advantage of). We deliver compelling ads that appear in front of your customers at exactly the right time – when they are looking to buy your product or service!

Of course, organic traffic has the benefit of generating free traffic for your business. Our SEO services can help you acquire additional organic traffic. However, you can’t rank organically for all keywords and ranking well organically takes time. Google Ads can help you fill these visibility gaps immediately. Our clients often start generating leads and sales within hours of setting up a new Google Ads campaign.

Ignite Online is a certified Google Partner Agency, meaning Google recommend us for AdWords management based upon our demonstrated expertise and past and current account performance.



We set up and structure accounts to try to achieve the best possible results for our clients. Our method of setting up accounts ensures that they’re clear and easy to interpret. This not only makes them easier to optimise but allows for greater transparency in performance reporting.

We don’t ever take a cookie-cutter approach to setting up a new account. Our dedicated Google Ads Specialists develop a unique strategy to attain the best possible results for your specific business niche.

Our expertise in web design and development allow us to track complex on-page conversion action. This allows us to track metrics that have a significant impact on your business such as completed product purchases, service signups or legitimate leads. These are the metrics we optimise your accounts for, where other agencies often report less formally on impressions and clicks.



In-depth keyword research is crucial to the success of your Google AdWords campaigns. We use a number of specialist PPC keyword research tools to find the right search phrases to target for your business.  All terms and phrases will be carefully selected based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to your business and likelihood to be profitable
  • Frequency of searches (search volume)
  • Level of competition
  • Anticipated cost per click (CPC)

A company’s ads are ranked by how closely its keywords, ads and landing page match a user’s search intent as well as by your bid for those keywords.

For each keyword in your AdWords account, a ‘match type’ will be assigned to control which search queries are eligible to trigger your ad. It is generally more effective to use specific rather than general keywords as this increases the probability that your ad will be shown to the people most interested in your product or service. Correct match-type selection can be the difference between a highly profitable AdWords campaign and one that wastes money.



Our services go further than selecting the right keywords and crafting the right ads. We use demographic and behavioural data to more effectively target users who are the most likely to convert. Not only does this allow us to bid more aggressively for searches by users who are more likely to convert, we can also collect analytics on traits that are common in your customers, so we can target these users with engaging display advertisements.


It’s not only keywords that make a successful Google Ads campaign. We experiment with different ad copy variations and use A/B testing on landing pages as a proven method to maximise profit generated from each dollar you spend. We also analyse your account data to make informed decisions on bidding adjustments and work continuously to develop new hypotheses for further iterative improvements.



Remarketing is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to target those users who were close to making a purchase, but didn’t quite make it. Our remarketing campaigns can retarget those users making them far more likely to revisit your site and complete a purchase.


We provide monthly in-depth reports detailing where your money has been invested, the number of conversions generated for your given budget and your return on ad spend based on conversion metrics with a monetary value to your business.