Website design for Australian private schools & universities

We specialise in helping the education sector, in particular Australian private schools and universities tell their complex stories online, and showcase the unique value they bring to their respective communities.


Our ability to turn large amounts of complex information into compelling, user-friendly online experiences makes us uniquely poised to develop websites for the education sector. We have completed a number of custom web design and development projects for leading educational institutions and have received exceptional feedback on all our projects. We’ve also picked up a number of design awards.

Make a great first impression

Having a positive public image is essential for schools, universities and other educational institutions. Your website is often the first interaction between you and a prospective student, their parents or potential staff. If your website is easy to navigate, informative and aesthetically pleasing this will have a huge positive impact on your brand.

Designed with your goals in mind

Do you want your audience to spend more time on-site? Is your goal to increase student applications? We’ll work with you to develop the user experience that meets the needs of your students, staff and target audience and helps you to achieve your greater institutional goals.

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“The website is everything I could have hoped for! It’s so so beautiful! You’ve captured IGS perfectly!”

Shauna Colnan, Principal at International Grammar School

“Innovative, in tune, reliable, transparent, trustworthy and ahead of the curve… Couldn’t have asked for a better collaboration or end result!”

Salesian College


First up, let’s get together. We’ll work with you to gather a clear understanding of your mission, the website’s purpose and your schools’ strategic vision. Next, we plan and tailor the experience to your ideal imaginary user. This includes making decisions about content, outlining the user experience of current and prospective students and devising the look and feel. 

In the design phase, we take the functional skeleton and evolve it from considered sketches to wireframes, then combine it with your brand identity to create a beautiful design. Then, the development phase: build, build, build. Our dedicated team of developers write clean code to create the back end and front end to make all the parts work together like clockwork.

Once development is complete, we test your site extensively on different devices and browsers using a systematic suite of tools combined with detail-oriented manual user testing. After launch, regular maintenance is required to keep your site in perfect health. This means regular backups, CMS updates and more to make sure the site runs seamlessly all the time, every time.

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