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IGNITE® Digital Agency - 01 May 2018

Google Business reviews are such a powerful tool for boosting your business. Business reviews are a great way to inadvertently improve your organic search results and to get the word out about your business, build customer loyalty and create leads.


Please note: It is against Google’s Terms to pay people for reviews, offer freebies in exchange, or in any way, force your customers into leaving a review.

Simply asking them to leave you a review as a gesture of their goodwill is above board, and something loyal customers should be happy to do – especially once they see how easy it is with the below link!

How to use our Google review link generator tool

Step 1: Enter your business name in the search box below

Step 2: Click ‘Copy’ to copy the link

Step 3: Share, share, share! All your customers will need to do is click the link and it will take them straight to where they can sign in and leave a review, completely fuss-free. Use it in your email signatures, email newsletters, social media posts and more.

Enter your Business name in the search box below:

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