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Fairtrade empowers millions of farmers and workers around the world by tackling poverty and poor working conditions, as well as conserving the environment.

Farmers, workers and their communities around the world face poverty, inequality, gruelling conditions and, in some industries, risks to their lives in effort to make the things we buy. Fairtrade works to provide a safety net for small-scale farmers by ensuring producers receive a Fairtrade Minimum Price, promoting the Fairtrade premium, which allows workers to invest back into their businesses, and instilling fair terms of trade between farmers and buyers with The Fairtrade Standards.

Their mission is to connect disadvantaged producers and consumers, promote fairer trading conditions to allow producers to strengthen their conditions.

Fairtrade Website



“From start to finish we were blown away with the quality and efficiency… the end result is something we are so proud of and we are looking forward to continuing working with IGNITE.”

Tess Humann , Campaign and Project Coordinator at Fairtrade ANZ
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Fairtrade ANZ came to us with the complex problem of redeveloping their Australia and New Zealand websites. Both existing websites had a similar structure which we decided to unite under one domain and redevelop one website for both regions. Key requirements identified for this project were to:

  • effectively reach and communicate to both Australia and New Zealand audiences,
  • create a seamless user flow for both business and consumer audience groups,
  • and redesign the website to be consistent with existing branding while readapting key elements for digital purposes, inclusive of delightful animations and transitions.


Fairtrade ANZ’s key objective was to ensure every audience from end-consumer to licensees to producers were clearly communicated to through their website. Along with a contemporary and bold redesign to embody the brand’s values whilst adapting the existing branding to a digital landscape, the new website split up the new website users by user group (business vs consumer). The solution allowed users (through a variety of user journeys) to select their own audience group, allowing the brand to customise messaging to existing and potential licensees as well as users in the consumer market.

A key goal was to successfully merge the content from two existing websites for the two regions, redirecting users from search engines to the new website which required prudent attention toward redirecting old URLs ensuring no loss of SEO value. A flexible Content Management System also allowed Fairtrade ANZ to create custom landing pages for marketing purposes for their various digital marketing campaigns.