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We specialise in custom websites.

What is a custom website?
Well, the title is pretty spot on. It’s a carefully considered, custom-built website which we create from scratch to meet your goals and achieve results for your business. Every aspect of the site from the look and feel, to the usability, to little additions of interactivity, are designed specifically to enhance the experience for your customers.

We are intuitive, passionate and achieve results beyond and above client’s expectations.

What’s the difference between a website template and a custom website?
Let’s put it this way. A website template is like choosing a standard shirt size from the store: small, medium or large. Or, you can opt for something custom – a tailor-made piece, created just to suit you which can be altered to your needs at any moment. A custom website puts you in full control.

Designing custom websites is never a ‘one-size-fits-all’ experience and we certainly don’t treat it that way.


Your website can be an extension of your brand
The best way to give your business a distinctive voice is through your branding. Your digital presence says a lot about who you are as a company and is often the first point of contact for your audience. From the typeface down to the look of each button, have each element represent you.

Designed with your goals in mind
Do you want your audience to spend more time on-site? Is your goal to increase conversions? We’ll develop the user experience around how you want your customer to interact with your brand and your business’ goals.

Rank better in search engines
Search engine friendly code and considered copy will help your website stay high in search rankings and ensure that your target market discovers your company.

Expertise at your fingertips
A great website is so much more than setting, forgetting and moving on. We’ll work with you to grow and evolve your site as your brand does too. If your goals change or you want to build further features into your custom site, it’s as simple as letting us know.

The website is everything I could have hoped for! It’s so so beautiful! You’ve captured IGS perfectly!

Shauna Colnan, Principal at International Grammar School Shauna Colnan, Principal at International Grammar School
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how we create beautiful, customised user experiences.

First up, let’s get together. We’ll work with you to gather a clear understanding of your company’s mission, the website’s purpose and your strategic vision. Next, we plan and tailor the experience to your ideal imaginary user. This includes making decisions about content, outlining the user journey and devising the look and feel.

In the design phase, we take the functional skeleton and evolve it from considered sketches to wireframes, then combine it with your brand identity to create a beautiful design. Then, the development phase: build, build, build. Our dedicated team of developers write clean code to create the back end and front end to make all the parts work together like clockwork.

Once development is complete, we test your site extensively on different devices and browsers using a systematic suite of tools combined with detail-oriented manual user testing. After launch, regular maintenance is required to keep your site in perfect health. This means regular backups, CMS updates and more to make sure the site runs seamlessly all the time, every time.

“Working with the team at Ignite has been an absolute pleasure. They were very accommodating to our requests no matter how big or small.”

Jordyn Evans, Marketing Manager at CAPI Sparkling Jordyn Evans, Marketing Manager at CAPI Sparkling
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