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Lark Distillery is Tasmania’s first single malt whisky since 1839, with a world-class reputation for its exceptional products.

Presented with the brief of a user-friendly Shopify website that conveys the Lark brand while maximising conversions, we worked with the excellent team over at Lark to deliver a sophisticated online extension of this award-winning brand.


Lark Distillery Website


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“IGNITE helped Lark transition to Shopify and increase our conversion rates by 86% translating to significant revenue increase. Our cost per acquisition dropped as site performance went up and traffic to site increased even during the launch month. The team bent over backwards to deliver on many complex stakeholder requirements and have created a site that blows the competition out of the water.”

Anita Tibbertsma , Head of E-Commerce at Lark Distillery
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Lark Distillery came to us with an existing website that wasn’t user-friendly, was difficult to update and didn’t streamline internal operations. Following their impressive growth over recent years, Lark required a flexible and stable e-commerce platform to help them manage a large volume of orders and service their online customers in a more efficient manner. They also wanted to convey Lark’s rich history and luxurious experience as an online extension of their brand.

From the onset throughout, the priority was usability first – the site had to be seamless to use for the consumer wanting to make a purchase. Other factors such as including all of the required e-commerce features and being easy to update for the Lark team were also crucial, but the main focus was ensuring a smooth journey to purchase that would maximise conversions.

We used Shopify as our CMS platform due to the simple interface, customisation options and wide selection of e-commerce integrations to support Lark’s processes.


The key goals of this project were:

  • To create a highly-functional and seamless user experience for customers to make a purchase
  • To double e-commerce sales
  • To support the required e-commerce integrations and streamline the ops processes
  • To be quick and easy to update for the Lark team
  • To be intuitive to create new pages for the Lark team to create campaign landing pages with ease
  • To convey Lark’s rich history and personality through to their website users


Since launching in July 2021, Lark has noted incredible results from the website, across reported internal improvements and measurable online performance.

The new website generated significant increases across transactions, revenue and the conversion rate. From a 1.47% conversion rate with their old website, our new custom-built Shopify site increased this to 2.63% on average, reaching up to 5.65% just a month after launching.

Lark’s initial goal of wanting the new website to increase sales by double was blown out of the water, with a 188% increase in transactions since the new website went live.

The team over at Lark HQ can make quick and easy updates to the site, as well as building out new landing pages using the custom blocks. Their preferred e-commerce systems integrate seamlessly with Shopify, successfully streamlining internal processes and operations.


increase in transactions


increase in revenue


improvement in conversion rate