Melbourne Girls Grammar Website


A leading girls’ school for over 120 years. 

Melbourne Girls Grammar is a place where challenge and choice create opportunities for every student to discover who she is meant to be.

A leader in girls’ education since 1893, the School has built an outstanding reputation for excellence, enabling students to develop with confidence and independence.

World-class learning programs, state-of-the-art facilities and an extensive co-curricular program inspire each student to achieve their best in the classroom and beyond.

“We were looking for a trusted partner… and that’s what we got. The team was responsive, collaborative, reliable and flexible, often going above and beyond to help us achieve our vision.”

Doris Mohrhardt , Director of Marketing and Community Engagement at Melbourne Girls Grammar
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Melbourne Girls Grammar underwent a brand refresh in 2015 and the pre-existing website was no longer an accurate representation of the School. Given the website is often the first interaction potential students, parents and prospective employees have with Melbourne Girls Grammar, it was important that it be more in line with the high standards that the School strives to achieve.

Melbourne Girls Grammar also wanted to further diversify their marketing strategy, reflective of the new and ever-changing communication channels frequented by their audiences.


  • Elevate the Melbourne Girls Grammar web presence to feature intuitive navigation, quality content and new channels
  • Increase digital and social reach, to be measured by website visits, conversions and engagement
  • Enhance affinity with and comprehension of the Melbourne Girls Grammar brand and provide relevant information needed for audiences to make informed choices


  • Special Kudos, CSS Design Awards
  • Doubled website sessions
  • Increased website users by 163%
  • Increased new website sessions by 47%
  • Increased website page views by 50%