If your website has ticked all the boxes but still isn’t getting the attention you desire, then you can always buy your customers’ direct attention with online advertising! On Google this means buying your way to the top of the rankings using Google Adwords; on Facebook, it means buying space on your customers’ news feeds.

Depending on your monthly budget, we can recommend a plan of attack that will dramatically boost your online profile almost instantly across the Google Adwords and Facebook Ads platforms.

We will work with you to put together a campaign specifically designed to achieve the goals of your business.

Has somebody been browsing products A, B and C on your website? Then serve up a personalised banner ad displaying those exact products.

Types of online marketing

At the very basic level, you can target users based on age, gender and geographic location—but we can take it a whole lot farther than that! For example, let’s say you’re selling product X. How valuable would it be to display ads across Google and Facebook to people that have been searching for products similar to yours?

Or maybe you had a potential customer on your website, but for some reason they didn’t follow through with the sale or interaction. Wouldn’t it be great to remind them of your product or service once they had left your website? This is called behavioural retargeting, and you’ve probably already noticed this strategy in action yourself. Go back and buy that foot spa you searched for—you know you want to!

Finally, you can take online advertising to the next level and display individual products in banner ads to potential customers. For example, has somebody been browsing products A, B and C on your website? Then serve up a personalised banner ad displaying those exact products across their Google, websites and Facebook. This is called personalised retargeting and is the ultimate when it comes to online advertising.

Don’t go it alone

The power and reach of these advertising channels is increasing every year, and we are on top of it all. Don’t just blindly invest in these services—it’s important that they are set up, managed and reported on by someone who knows what they’re doing, or you run the risk of wasting valuable marketing dollars on untargeted traffic! If you have the marketing budget to take advantage of these services, we can help you maximise your ROI.


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