9 Tips To ReIGNITE & Stay Positive To Avoid Burnout

IGNITE® Digital Agency - 24 October 2021

We don’t need to remind you. It’s been a huge few years for the world. We’ve all felt the difference, and most of us will never feel the same way about life as we did pre COVID-19. 

A general eagerness to move on and get back into the world has left a lot of people overstimulated, over-capacity and averted to resting (with all its lockdown connotations). While we all want to move forward, we risk falling over without proper attention to ourselves, and those around us.

Senior Digital Account Manager and our resident optimist Laura has compiled her top tips for mental and physical wellness. Here is our guide on how to re-IGNITE (ha-ha see what we did there) and stay positive to avoid burnout!


Tip 1: Use the ‘COPING CALENDAR’

Think of it like your work calendar, only your tasks involve actions designed to improve your overall wellbeing and mental health.

With daily reminders to do things like “play a game that you enjoyed when you were younger” and “notice five things that are beautiful in the world around you”, Laura says the Coping Calendar is a great way to be thankful for something every day.


Tip 2: Stay Connected With Loved Ones

The pandemic trained us well for regular phone calls, but are you making the same efforts now? It’s important to make time through all the deadlines and restaurant outings for quality one-on-one time with family and friends. They’ll appreciate the check-in just as much as you will.


Tip 3: Routine Is Key… Sort of.

Shake-ups and rest days are of course encouraged, but a day-to-day routine is a surefire way to stay motivated and track your goals and life admin. Setting up daily to-do lists will reduce anxiety and increase productivity. Just don’t forget to schedule some fun, as well as some rest!

Tip 4: It’s Time To Switch Off

Laura says that “switching off” can be hard to do, but it’s something that you need to make time for. “Switching off can be difficult, especially when you’re working from home”, she says, “but that it’s something that we need to consciously tell ourselves to do”.

Wellness apps such as Headspace and Calm are Laura’s go-to apps for this, as they have free resources for everyone.

Tip 5: Try Something New

Ever feel like life is passing by faster than you can notice it? It’s proven that a lack of new stimulus and life events can blur our perception of time. Slow things down and re-engage with new activities and or by exploring new environments. It’ll keep your brain active and your horizons broadened!

Need inspiration? Check out some ideas here.


Tip 6: Keep Your Body Moving

Even if you’re just doing 30 minutes of exercise, it’s vital that you keep your body moving everyday! Daily exercise can keep us from being sick, makes us feel happy, and increases our energy levels.


Tip 7: Give Yourself a Break

Be easy on yourself. Expecting to get things right all the time can cause you stress and negative thoughts. It’s important to be kind, and forgive yourself when you’re feeling this way. Breaks are a necessary part of productivity.


Tip 8: Don’t Get Obsessed with the News

We know – reading the news can feel overwhelming! There’s so much going on in the world, and focusing on negative stories can drain and tire you out.

Instead of honing in on these stories, focus on the good news that’s out there. There are so many feel-good news stories taking place globally – you just have to look for them! Laura uses the Good News Movement, which focuses on smile-worthy stories – just take a look at these headlines.


Tip 9: Television Therapy

It’s undeniable – sometimes watching a quality TV show is all you need for a good pick-me-up. Here are some shows that Laura can vouch for (but please bear in mind that crime and thriller are her favourite genres!):


  • The Serpent
  • Money Heist
  • Dirty John
  • The Sinner
  • Prey
  • Dead Lucky


For more lighthearted viewing, Laura approves of Younger and Love Life.


Last but not least, make time to celebrate the little things. Whether it’s a family dinner you’re thankful for, finding a cute little bakery around the corner, or discovering some great new music – there’s always something to celebrate.

We hope that you’ve learnt a few things from our 9 Tips To ReIGNITE & Stay Positive To Avoid Burnout, whether you’re on the mend, or being proactive against future episodes.

Stay tuned for the next post on our ‘Guide To…’ series!