IGNITE appoints Sylvain Girard as Digital Designer

IGNITE® Digital Agency - 19 September 2022

Sylvain Girard, Digital Designer


Tell us about what you’ve done in the past, and what you’re doing now at IGNITE.

I’ve worked as a freelance designer across various creative fields like graphic design, fashion, digital design and 3D design for a couple of years. Now, being the Junior Digital Designer at IGNITE, I’m working on the UX and UI designs for new websites, designing site improvements, new features for current IGNITE websites, and creating marketing material for IGNITE’s large client base.

How did you know IGNITE was the right fit for you?

A positive work environment and company culture is important to me, and those are two things I could see IGNITE focus on, so that’s where IGNITE stood out for me among others. It’s also great to integrate as part of a smaller team and have that pathway for growth within the team.

What excites you?

I’m always excited by new ideas and technology in digital design, particularly how websites can be more immersive and interactive for users. I also really enjoy seeing a convergence of different design fields within digital design like 3D, animation and branding design.

Where do you see the digital space heading over the coming couple of years? What trends are you seeing? What would you like to see?

Over time I can see digital design becoming more integrated with development, especially with all the new tools we have access to. At the same time, the barrier to what is possible is always reducing in digital and web design, so designers have room to be more creative and think more conceptually than previously would have been feasible.

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